Thanks Blake for appointing city building official

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my deep appreciation to Mayor Ben Blake and the City of Milford for their appointment of a new City Building Official, Joe Griffith, who recently took over as head of the Department of Permitting and Land Use.

For the last decade it has been notoriously difficult for local builders, contractors and homeowners to work with the current building department. Miles of red tape often meant long waits for permits, inspections or certificates of occupancy, etc., and when and how decisions were made often seemed, shall we say, less than consistent.

Applicants were asked to jump through so many hoops that the process often seemed random and irrational. The new City Building Official, Joe Griffith, comes to Milford with 25 years of experience as an architect and another eight years of experience as the Director for Permitting for the University of Connecticut. Under his supervision the Department of Permitting and Land Use promises to streamline operations in order to offer much-improved customer service, greater consistency and efficiency in the permitting process, and perhaps most important, clearer and more transparent communication.

Thank you again, Mayor Blake, for making this much needed change.

Mike Lebov