Takes issue with ‘historic home’ designation

To the Editor:

This letter is written in regard to what can and can't be done in Milford's so-called "Historic District.”

My 82 year old Mother-in-Law lives on Founders Way. Her home was built in 1993. The quality product used on the exterior is totally inferior. The exterior wood used needs to be scraped, painted and stained every two or three years.

This has become a very expensive way of maintaining a home. The latest quote just to stain the cedar shakes was almost $20,000. This does not include the trim wood that needs to be replaced due to rot. So we contacted a local contractor about getting the house sided and actually had a building permit to get the job done.

But lo and behold, the permit was revoked because of a neighbor who complained that this house is in the "Historic District" and must not have siding. What I find interesting is the fact that several buildings across the street from City Hall have vinyl siding and these buildings are in the Historic District.

It appears to me that we have a double standard in this city when it comes down to what can and cannot be done. I would have to guess it depends on who you know and on what committee they sit in order to get things accomplished.

Maybe the Historic District Board members would like to help with maintaining the property by making monetary donations?

Joseph Serapiglia