Supports Slossberg’s veteran advocacy

To the Editor:
This November I am supporting Gayle Slossberg for state Senate because Gayle has been a diligent advocate for the veterans in our state. Veterans are too often overlooked for their service to our country, and Senator Slossberg has made it a priority to remedy that.

She has made sure that when veterans return from their service they will be able to find a job in Connecticut. Gayle played a major part in passing legislation that assists veterans in the job search. The STEP-Up program is designed to help unemployed veterans receive training that will help them find work in the state.
I support Gayle because she is always thinking of the best way to create long-term solutions. This program is something that will have an incredible impact on the lives of our veterans. For this and many of other reasons, Gayle has my vote.
Charles Montalbano