Supports Kim Rose campaign

To the Editor:
“No problem too big or too small.” If I were handling Kim Rose’s campaign, I would consider that as her motto.

I am a relatively new homeowner in Milford and every day, as I drove down the northbound BIC/Schoolhouse Rd exit off I-95, I would glare at the mound of litter on the area adjacent to the exit ramp (across from the commuter parking lot).
Not a pretty picture of our town to guests and residents.
I introduced myself to Kim in August and within days it was cleared up by the state highway department. A week later the litter mound had returned. Another call to Kim and the mound disappeared.
I had mentioned to her my own goal of getting the state highway department to grass it over and it appears that this is underway. Drainage material is now in place and fresh top soil is down ready for seeding.
While this may appear minor, litter attracts more litter. This is truly a quality of life issue. But more importantly as we approach elections, it shows Kim’s responsiveness, supported by her voting record and endorsements, to we the taxpayers and to our state.
Please join me in my vote for Kim Rose.
Sara Cornwall