Supports Bill Bevan in fifth district

To the Editor:

I would like to let the voters of Milford know what I personally know about Bill Bevan, who is running for alderman in the fifth district .

When presented with a problem he is ready and very willing to serve his constituents. You don't have to make a second phone call to Bill about a problem. He gets the facts and then goes to work to find a way to solve the situation.

He is very well known for his generous personality and his willingness to co-operate as well as compromise with members of all political persuasions in our city. He is a competent congenial fellow.

With all the issues everyday life can bring it is a comfort to know there is someone on whom you can rely to get things accomplished efficiently.

Bill is also very conscious of the budget. He will find unnecessary expenditures and streamline the spending.

He lives within his means, and if elected would ensure that Milford would as well.

I fully support Bill Bevan for alderman and I encourage all those who can vote for him to do so as well.

Kathy Kobishyn