Supporting Mike DeGrego

To The Editor:
As a registered Democrat, father and husband who is fortunate to have a good job, I am voting for Mike DeGrego for State Senate. I live in West Haven and I'd like to explain why.
Mike DeGrego is a man of his word. I like his record of quiet service to our country and our communities; Mike DeGrego has served honorably in the Air Force and as a police officer, and volunteers teaching religion to the children of Our Lady of Victory Church.

He listens and respects others. I like his honesty; Mike DeGrego is a no-nonsense guy who says what he thinks and does exactly what he says he will. I admire Mike; he is a good man, and a caring and compassionate person. And I like Mike's conservative nature; Mike DeGrego watches every penny he spends and I know he'll do the same as a Senator in Hartford.
With so many people suffering today, I have to pick the candidate who is honest, who will quietly serve and protect us, and who will not spend my children into a lifetime of debt. I urge you to vote for Mike DeGrego, too. We can trust this guy.
Brady Cullen