Supporting James Maloney

To the Editor:
It is my pleasure to support James Maroney for State Representative of the 119 District. I have known James for a number of years, and several things about him have impressed me.

James likes to solve problems and works well with anyone. As a colleague and friend, I have seen him work with people from different backgrounds, political parties, and affiliations to attain a common goal. I have no doubt he will reach across the aisle and work with all members of the Legislature to reach solutions to help his constituents.
I have spoken with James many times. One conversation I remember well is the story of how he became involved with cross country track. James said he chose cross country because it was one of the few sports an average athlete could excel simply by out-working the competition. It tells of James’ trust and belief that hard work is worthwhile, and high achievement is possible through it. James elevation to the captaincy of his college team demonstrates his ability to lead others.
James Maroney has been successful in every endeavor he has pursued. But success is a measure of competence. It shows in the students he has inspired and assisted. It is measured in the amount of money he has helped secure for academic scholarships for young people in our community. He is still young. The best is yet to come.
For all these reasons I support James Maroney for State Representative.
John Moffitt