State lacks outpatient treatment law

To the Editor:

Connecticut is one of six states that does not have an assisted outpatient treatment law which allows for the forcible treatment of the mentally ill before they harm themselves or others.

In February 2012, Senate Bill 452 (SB452), which would have taken Adam Lanza off the street, died in the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. Democrats agreed with the American Civil Liberties Union who said that the bill violated Adam Lanza’s privacy rights.

The ACLU, also known as the criminal lobby, is an extreme left group whose lobbying efforts have successfully flooded America with Hollywood’s violent porn, freed violent criminals on legal technicalities and emptied insane asylums of crazed mental patients. The goal of the ACLU is to make America a brutal, crime ridden society where frightened citizens concede their individual constitutional freedoms to the government in return for empty promises of safety. The ironically named ACLU wants a society where all citizens are servile and powerless before the state.

State Democrat politicians and the ACLU are one hundred percent responsible for the preventable Sandy Hook tragedy. Their efforts to deflect blame onto the NRA, undermine the Second Amendment and punish legal gun owners are beneath contempt. Angry Connecticut citizens should direct their desire for reprisals toward the negligent Democrat Party and society’s termites at the ACLU.

Paul Izzo