State Rep. highlights job stimulus efforts

To the Editor:
As we take a look at reports showing an increase in jobs for the month of July at the national level, as well as unemployment rates rising overall, I find it relevant to talk about what we have done to help encourage economic recovery and keep our commitment to job growth at the state level.

Understanding the critical need to put people back to work and attract business to Connecticut, we passed a measure during a special session in June to expand the Small Business Express Program (EXP) that allows an estimated 3,600 additional businesses to have access to state assistance for capital investments and hiring.
The program is administered by the Department of Economic and Community Development(DECD) and offers loans and grants to companies with 100 or less employees. Currently there are 3 Milford businesses receiving $524,000 in state funding and 11 Milford small businesses are in the application and review process.
I recently CO-hosted an event at city hall with the Department of Economic Development about the virtues of the program. If you have a small business and would like information on how you can apply, feel free to call my office.
Last fall, we passed a comprehensive jobs bill that focused on helping Connecticut’s workers get back to work. The measure strengthened our commitment to supporting small businesses by giving them access to much needed capital and resources, so that they are able to grow and move forward.
It also allows veterans coming home overseas a better opportunity to find a good job to support their families. This provision includes the new Unemployed Armed Forces Members STEP-UP (Subsidized Training and Employment Program) program with grants to subsidize the hiring of unemployed veterans during their first 180 days on the job.
While there is still a lot of work ahead of us, I am proud of these accomplishments, as well as my work as a member of the Veterans Committee. I will keep my strong commitment to working hard to bring positive alternatives to our families, businesses, veterans and residents. State Rep. Kim Rose