Staneski targets sorry state of transportation in Connecticut

To the Editor:

One of the consequences of bloated government is that the resources and attention are diverted from the basic functions that governments are supposed to perform.

Exhibit A in this regard is Connecticut and the sorry state of our transportation infrastructure. Governor Malloy and his Democratic allies often talk of the need to keep and attract companies and jobs to Connecticut. One of the most important ways to do this is to provide a transportation system that enables companies to move goods efficiently and allows people to have safe and convenient commutes.

Only a little time spent traveling around Connecticut (by road or by rail) makes it clear that the state has failed its duty to maintain this basic service. In the past four years, Governor Malloy and the Democratic-controlled state legislature have raided transportation funding to the tune of almost $200 million.

We are all paying for this neglect, through lost jobs, endless hours stuck in traffic, unsafe and unreliable trains, and damage to vehicles from potholes and un-repaired roads.

Good reliable transportation equals jobs.

Come on Connecticut. We deserve better.

Pam Staneski

119th District candidate