Staneski demands apology from opponent

To the Editor:

I am asking for a full apology from State Rep. James Maroney for calling me a lair on his so-called campaign mail piece. Maroney claims I lied when I said he voted to raise taxes on the people of the 119th District of Milford and Orange.

I stick by every one of my claims.

In 2013, James voted for the Democrat State Budget passed without one Republican vote which raised taxes on many Milford and Orange residents. The budget codified and made permanent all of the Governor’s previous tax increases.

That budget included renewing an expiring corporate tax surcharge and a cap on insurance premium tax credits for businesses. It also implemented the hidden Gross Receipts Tax, a major increase in the wholesale tax on gasoline and other fuels, and it also preserved an expiring electrical generation tax on power plants that is passed on to us, the consumers.

And the state budget went on to increase real spending by almost 10 percent over two years.

If anyone wants to look up James' budget vote you can go to:, the budget is House Bill 6704 in 2013.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Pam Staneski