Spalthoff questions talk about animal shelter

To the Editor:

It has come to my attention that Mayor Blake has been discussing an arrangement of some sort regarding the potential merger of the animal shelters with Stratford Mayor Harkins.

While proposed details have not been released publicly, any proposal that removes the animal shelter from Milford is a terrible idea. If elected mayor, I emphatically promise that our canine shelter will remain in the City of Milford.

We have one of the best shelters in the state and have received numerous awards due to our dedicated staff. We also have a very active and committed volunteer base at the shelter that are second to none. On top of this we have a relationship with the Town of Orange to act as their animal shelter as well. This agreement is mutually beneficial to both communities.

We must preserve the animal shelter services for our residents conveniently located within our town as well as retaining our dedicated employees. Any proposal to the contrary does our community a disservice.

Peter L. Spalthoff