Spalthoff offers Woodmont firehouse solutions

To the Editor:

As the Republican candidate for Mayor in the City of Milford, and the election now only two months away, and the very good possibility that I could be the mayor in November, I wanted to address the Woodmont and Point Beach firehouse situations and to make known my position on these two properties.

First, as for the Woodmont firehouse, if the building can in fact be properly sold, I believe and advocate the selling of the firehouse to the Borough of Woodmont for $1. I would request a stipulation that the emergency center that the borough will be building there must, be available to all Milford residents.

Further, I believe that the sale would, in both the short and long run, be beneficial to both the borough and to Milford. By selling the firehouse, the borough would be able to receive a state grant in the amount of $500,000. This grant, along with the borough’s savings will go a long way in renovating the firehouse to the way it would be needed for it to be a full service disaster center for all Milford residents.

We have firsthand experience on just how badly we need a disaster center on the east side of the city and how terrific it would be that we get one that would not be a tax burden to all of us. The city would not be required to put any money into the renovation.

The facility will be required to comply with all federal, state and local standards that apply to setting up a formal emergency center. Yet, the city’s residents would receive the use of the facility in case of an emergency.

With the borough taking over the repairs, maintenance and general outfitting of the building, the city would be getting what is needed on the east side of town and would get it without having to directly pay for it.

Another aspect of this transaction would be the borough giving up the property it now uses as its meeting facility. That property would be sold and put back on the city tax rolls and become a positive contribution to the tax base.

Secondly, I believe that we should hold off on selling the Point Beach firehouse until we have had the time to review what the firehouse could do for us. We can always sell the property at a later date, but to find out in a year or two that we needed it for another emergency center, it would be too late if we let it go.

In summation, as I am suggesting two different scenarios for two different pieces of property, I believe that the situations are different for the two pieces and the two proposals are justified in each case.

Sell the Woodmont firehouse and hold on to the Point Beach Firehouse. In both scenarios, I believe the community and the city wins.

Peter L. Spalthoff