Seeks free-market health care solution

To the Editor:
Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies normally get the blame for the high cost of health insurance, but our elected government officials are also to blame.

Most people are not aware that employers and individuals must buy health insurance only from companies our state allows, and the policy must include mandates established by our legislature.
Competition breeds better pricing, so it's time our elected officials allow us to purchase insurance across state lines like we do with other products.
And they should limit the costly mandates, so insurance companies can design an array of policies from the very basic to ones with all the bells and whistles.
Since employer sponsored group health insurance hasn't worked to keep premiums down, our government should consider eliminating the tax benefits for companies and employees as they relate to group insurance. This costs our country a fortune in lost revenue and is more of a benefit for those in higher tax brackets.
Instituting the above would have the following benefits: 1) Fewer companies would offer group insurance, which would drive more people to demand individual policies; 2) More people with individual policies means risk is spread and costs are lowered; 3) With more cost effective options, we would have fewer uninsured Americans; and 4) Employers could afford to increase employee wages if they were no longer paying for health insurance.
CNBC news correspondent Michelle-Caruso Cabrera might be on to something when she stated in her book, You Know I'm Right, “We buy our own car and life insurance; we should buy our own health insurance.”
Think of how beneficial it would be for people looking to design their own plan rather than be forced to take what an employer offers, and for people who switch jobs, quit, get fired or find their employer out of business.
David Ellison