Says we should take care of our Historic District

To the Editor:

Why do we take interest in our past history? Why bother with these "musty old houses" in Milford's Historic Districts?

The reason is because a person who would take no interest in the noble achievements of his ancestors, will never achieve anything that his future descendants may look back on and be proud of.

We, who are fortunate to live in Milford's historic homes understand our responsibility. Yes, we own them and pay taxes and see that they are maintained to the best of our ability, but if we can no longer give them the care and upkeep needed, then it is our choice to live elsewhere.

We are not forced to live in a district that has been set aside for the sole purpose of protecting and restoring our historic homes.

If we find restoration or even maintaining an old home more than our income will bear, we move on. It is my hope that the HDC has offered Mr. Farrell, the present owner of the Sanford/Bristol house on North St., all the resources for help in restoration, of which there are many.

Mr. Farrell, after he purchased the house, chose not to restore the house after all, but rather demolish it, citing structural damage and code violations. These facts alone should not be the determining factor for demolition.

As cited by Milford Historian, Dick Platt and other restorationists, any house can be saved and restored. We need to keep in mind that it is not our place to destroy our heritage. We are, after all, the caretakers of these "musty old houses" and as such, the custodians of Milford's History.

Elsie-Marie Clark