Rose encourages neighbors help each other

To the Editor:
There has been much buzz about the "weeds" growing in Devon. I'm pleased to report that Alderman Gasper has arranged for a brownie troop to finish weeding the clock tower and maintain it. We also planted drought tolerant plants at the park around the clock tower.

A friend and I went down Bridgeport Avenue and weeded most of the landscaping in front of businesses last Saturday. In doing all of this, it occurred to me that we, as a whole, have become complacent and complainers. I know I didn’t like looking at the landscapes because they were untended.
However, I envisioned their potential. As a mater of fact, several doors down from my home, is a vacant property that is owned by an out of state person and the grass was almost 2 feet high. The neighbors called me to complain.
I have a lawn service so I don't own a mower but from now on, when I find something that needs to be tended, I will take the initiative and do it myself. Instead of living next to an unkempt lawn, why not “go over the line,” with permission, and help a neighbor out - who knows, the feeling of pride, giving and caring just might catch on.
I'd also like to take a moment to thank Ross from Meineke Muffler. He is the new owner of the old Alarcon and when I called him to tell him the lawn in front needed tending he was grateful.
Although he was out of state, he called me back immediately to let me know that it was clean. Check it out when you drive by. He's also excited and will be sharing the changes that he has in store for that property in the next few weeks.
I don't mean to sound like a property hound, it is simply my hope that the pride that I feel in those volunteers that have been weeding and planting properties, other than their own, will catch on.
State Representative Kim Rose