Resident yearns for better trash pickup

Letter to the Editor:
I am sending you this after years of being annoyed about something. This morning was my weekly trash pick up. My cans were at the curb, full of bagged trash. The collectors came around on the garbage truck, got to my house, took the lids off my cans and threw them into my yard.

They picked up my cans and emptied them into the truck, partially missing the back of the truck. So now I have trash in my front yard and blowing down my street. Then they proceeded to throw my trash cans into my yard. This happens every week.
Now, I do my job. I bag my trash and put it in the can at the curb to be taken away. I do not leave trash in my yard or any where else for that matter. I hate littering.
My complaint is that these people get paid to do their job. Is part of that job leaving trash strewn all over my lawn and my street? Why do I have to do my part twice? And lets not forget that I have to replace my cans every few months because they are cracked or they have holes in them from being thrown after being emptied.
I fully appreciate the fact that, out of my taxes, comes a weekly trash pick-up. Otherwise I'd have another bill to keep track of or I'd have to get rid of it myself. And I also appreciate that these people work very hard at a job that a lot of people would not want to do. But, do they like trash in their yard? On their street? Or are they like a lot of people who work hard at trying to keep their little piece of America clean and neat?
I like to think that Milford takes pride in itself and wants to look beautiful. I understand that some folks don't care and will leave their trash where ever they want, but I think that the people employed by the city of Milford should be an example to the rest. Especially if your job is collecting garbage. If they don't care then why should we?
Anita Hambor