Resident takes aim at Planning and Zoning ‘settlements’

To the Editor:
This evening, Tuesday, the P&Z Board voted to offer their “proposed settlement” for the affordable housing permit at 1556 New Haven Avenue. While there were some minor sidewalk and driveway changes in the “settlement,” the only major proposal was to change the existing structure (Dr. Fugal's old office) from two units to one unit.
This proposal maintains the footprint of the new buildings in the rear of the lot, thus changing our reasonable residential neighborhood to an overcrowded, inappropriately over-developed eyesore which will reduce the property values of all the surrounding residents.
The bottom line seems to be that the flawed state statutes will be enforced in the appeals process and the city will not commit the legal fees to protect us from over-development.
After this bombshell, the permit for Bic Drive was also denied with the board chair voting against the denial because it will only be over-turned on appeal.
Assuming that the developer accepts this “settlement,” or continues with the appeal process, it appears that the project will move forward. Say good-bye to the last stand of trees on the “wooded mount.” We can not fight the statutes as they exist. We can and should support changes to those statutes but it seems that it is too late for this unfortunate development.
Many thanks to all who worked so hard to oppose this outcome.
Bill Stark