Resident says benefits shouldn’t go to jailbirds

To the Editor:
Although it is true that former Governor John G. Rowland has just been sentenced to serve 30 months in jail, unlike most convicted felons he will still receive the following benefits:
•$52,748.00 yearly pension
•$22,008.00 a year for medical coverage, pharmaceutical, and dental coverage for himself and his wife
•$9,000.00 yearly pension beginning in two years for serving in Congress
All of the above, to the tune of $83,756, is at the taxpayers’ expense. When taking his oaths of office, he pledged to work hard and with integrity. Well, he didn’t. He left office in disgrace a decade ago when he accepted a plea that sent him to prison for 10 months. Lesson learned? I guess not. He is headed back for a second time.
For those who don’t believe in bi-partisanship, it exists with regard to corruption. You don’t have to look far to find political figures, both democratic and republican, who have continued to get paid or receive pensions and benefits while serving time in prison. (Didn’t Democratic State Legislator Ernest Newton do the same?)
Anyhow, the real crime here is that Connecticut taxpayers continue to support twice convicted felon, Rowland. Perhaps if the consequence for criminal behavior was to lose one’s pension and all benefits, then the number of criminal activities among politicians would be reduced. As constituents, we should approach our legislators and ask them to make such a change. Although I doubt that is something they would want to do because in the future they may have the same problem.
Robert O. Blake Sr.