Resident says animal shelter talk premature

To the Editor:

By any objective standard, Mayor Ben Blake has done an incredible job in his first term as mayor so it’s not hard to understand that Republicans are not falling over themselves to run against our popular mayor.

With their nominating convention only a few weeks away, it seems Republicans may be forced to give their party nomination to the Independent Party’s Peter Spalthoff, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor against another popular mayor, Jim Richetelli.

I have always found Peter to be a good and fair minded man. Should he be given the Republican nomination I expect he will run a positive, issue oriented campaign on the substantive issues and challenges facing our city.

Unfortunately, what appears to be Peter’s first public stand on an “issue” is a bit disappointing. Peter sent out a statement condemning the mayor after apparently hearing rumors that the city was considering a cooperative relationship with Stratford to manage our canine control.

Spalthoff was quick, perhaps too quick to carve out a position and take a firm stand, pledging he will never contract out Milford’s canine control services. While the city has no plans, at this time, to form a partnership with Stratford for canine control, Peter would be well advised to wait until an issue is more than speculation before taking a stand.

A mayor should keep all viable options open, especially those which may yield opportunities for the city to reduce costs while maintaining services. To make a pledge prematurely, as Peter seems to have done, without broader context or understanding, precludes potentially beneficial opportunities for our city.

Spalthoff’s strategy of; ready, shoot, aim is not a good way for him to begin his campaign. He should press the reset button, take some time to get and understand all the facts and then, if he likes, take an informed and well-reasoned position. It will serve his campaign well.

Joan Rousseau