Resident says: An irresponsible child – not a president

To the Editor:
I have an irresponsible child as my president. You may think he is a leader. You're wrong and are therefore part of the problem because you encourage him by voting for him and others like him. Irresponsible children resist positive change by making excuses and blaming others.
Irresponsible children are annoying but they don't damage our liberty and put us at risk. My president does.
The most disturbing example is how he blamed Republicans for the shooting death of Katherine Steinle in San Francisco. The shooter was a Mexican criminal deported five times but protected by a policy supported by my president. San Francisco is a sanctuary city which protects illegal aliens by stopping local authorities from turning illegals over to the Feds for deportation.
My president blamed Republicans for not passing comprehensive immigration reform. Of course my president doesn't close the border and he supports amnesty for illegals regardless of their status.
You see, an irresponsible child is unable to see his/her part of the issue. They can only blame others and therefore nothing ever changes.
In fact things get worse. People die and liberties are destroyed.
My president is an irresponsible child. No wait. He is your president now. I disown him. He is chronically irresponsible. You can have him.
Wally Hauck