Resident rather prefers Mike Casey to Rose

To the Editor:
In reply to Mr. Loschiavo, I too live in the 118th district where Kim Rose is my present Assembly representative and let me tell you why I’m going to vote for the Republican Candidate Michael Casey.

You discuss the recycling plant at 990 Naugatuck Ave. as if this was a task championed by Kim alone. Far be it. Kim was only one of the entire cast of elected officials from Milford working to get rid of this problem. It is non-political as both Republicans and Democrats are doing what they can to remove this problem.
As a Republican committeeman from Kim’s district I know she has done a job for my district. She even had my grandson, a high school senior, testify at a hearing in Hartford on a bill she was authoring. But it is as a member of the Assembly where she does not represent me.
I take exception on her votes where she rubber stamps the policies of our governor. I believe this man is taking this state in the wrong direction. Michael Casey, esquire, will not be another rubber stamp but will look to lower taxes and help change the balance of power in Hartford.
Sometimes a person has to be retired for the benefit of not only Milford, but all Nutmeggers.
I can bring up many examples of how Mike Casey would vote, verses Kim Rose, but each candidate will do a better job articulating those examples, so I need not duplicate them in this letter.
Ronald M. Goldwyn