Resident praises Gaynor for debate performance

To the Editor:

I attended the State Senator candidate forum on September 23  in Milford, which was [intended] to feature a discussion of issues between the incumbent, Gayle Slossberg, and challenger, Matthew Gaynor. It was both an enlightening and disappointing evening.

Enlightening, because Mr. Gaynor answered every question from the substantial audience thoughtfully and completely. He was persuasive in detailing, with specific examples, wasteful and sometimes idiotic regulatory policies, and clearly demonstrating that our state does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem. The forum provided an impressive display of Gaynor's  grasp of the issues, communicated with unusual clarity and probity compared to what unfortunately passes for civic discourse these days.

Unfortunately Senator Slossberg was not in attendance to offer her views. No specific reason was offered, but presumably it was because of prior commitments.  I do hope a similar event may be scheduled soon with the participation of both candidates. The electorate deserves this minimal level of respect.

Christopher Blair