Resident likes idea of second train station in Milford

To the Editor:
The column written by Milford Mirror correspondent Tom Ebersold hit a happy nerve. Using the $5 million in State grants to help ease a terribly overcrowded parking situation at the Milford railroad station would be nothing more than a Band-Aid.
Having railroad stops in both Milford and Stratford on the Waterbury line, with unlimited parking, would be far more beneficial. The stops would attract the many commuters who live nearby as well as shoppers.
These stops would include the huge nearby Lexington Green complex, the Caswell Cove and Baldwin Station complexes but also our neighboring Audubon Close. It would also serve the nearby large corporations including Bic, Subway and several others.
Imagine how many fewer cars there would be on the neighboring highways such as I-95 and the Merritt Parkway during the commuter drive time.
Oronoque Road also known as the 'dump road' would get a badly needed facelift, but even more important, it would be a huge safety feature for the Baldwin Station residents by providing a much needed railroad crossing gate.
I strongly urge Mayor Blake and city officials to consider Milford and Stratford as possible stops for the Waterbury Line.
My remarks do not represent anyone other than myself.
Dotti Bateman