Resident is ‘proud’ to support Blake

To the Editor:

As we get ready to vote in the upcoming mayoral election, I would like to share some thoughts with my neighbors about Mayor Ben Blake’s record of accomplishments. With Mayor Blake at the helm, Milford has seen drastic improvements in city services and a major reduction in city spending.

These goals were the founding pillars of Mayor Blake’s campaign in 2011— and he has accomplished these goals. From the beginning of his term, Mayor Blake has shown us that real leadership is more than words and empty promises.

In addition, Mayor Blake has made vast improvements to Milford's Building Department, re-negotiated health care costs to save residents millions of dollars, and demonstrated tireless leadership during storms Nemo and Sandy.

I have yet to meet a political candidate anything like Ben Blake. He is responsive, compassionate and brings a common sense approach to governing. I am proud and honored to support him for a second term as our mayor of Milford.

Mimi Fahy