Resident irate with tree removal program

To the Editor:

I live on Winthrop Court, and as part of the UI tree removal/trimming program I, along with several neighbors, have noticed how long this process is taking. The tree on the property next door was a five-day project.

I have contacted the UI and after being on hold for 45 minutes I finally got through. The individual that I spoke with was totally useless.

One of the greatest scenes on Winthrop Court was the addition of not one but two persons directing traffic. If we have six vehicles on this street in a day that is a traffic jam. Now the best part: One of the traffic persons had the nerve to park in our driveway and when my wife was coming home from work she had to ask permission to get in our own driveway.

Now I want to know who is paying for this nightmare. This company is milking the UI for every penny. If I were paying this company I would fire this company in a heartbeat. Plus, I have not seen anyone from UI overseeing any of this project. I surely hope part of this defoliation of Milford includes new tress being planted. I like to breathe and so do my neighbors.

Joseph Serapiglia