Resident hopes historic Milford house can be saved from demolition

To the Editor:

As Milford winds down the celebrations of the 375th anniversary, preservationists of our wonderful city have another fight on their hands. Mr. Poland, owner of the Elijah Bryan house, 250 Gulf Street, has applied for a demolition permit to raze this historic house.

What we have been celebrating and what is great about Milford is its old New England town feel, the beautiful old homes, our great town green and its history.

Why can’t Mr. Poland sell the property to someone who would appreciate its historic value? These old houses of Milford need to be saved for future generations.

When they are destroyed, there is no going back. The Milford Preservation Trust needs to find a way to protect other historic homes so in the future they are not in the same predicament and we need to fight another battle.

Patricia M. Perro