Resident hopes battered women find safety

To the Editor:

I am so disappointed in the residents of Woodmont.

I thought Milford was the small city with the big heart. How can these people say these women and children would not be safe in the neighborhood. I hope no battered women were told they were going to move there. Just think what this would do to their self esteem. It has been shattered already. Then to think other people think you should not move in.

Not all women are people you do not want living in your neighborhood. There are many women who are professionals, women married to doctor's, lawyer's, firemen. Women from every walk of life. Come to my neighborhood in Milford I will welcome you and try to be a good neighbor to you and your children.

PS Woodmont a safe house is not a safe house if you let everyone know where it is. That was a great sabotage.

Lucinda Hicks