Resident gives full support to Michael Casey’s bid

To the Editor:
Casey is the man for the job.
I've lived in Milford for many years and like many other taxpayers, I am fed up with our state's financial woes. A recent report on “Sinkhole States” by the Institute for Truth in Accounting ranked Connecticut 50th, (out of 50), and stated we are in the worst financial position of all 50 states.”

It is clear we need new leadership in Hartford. I believe Michael Casey will prove to be the hard-working state representative who actually understands that we need a change in the right direction.
I met Michael about 2 years ago, and since then, have had the pleasure of discussing the issues facing Milford and Connecticut on many occasions with him.
He hopes to help make Connecticut a favorable competitor among other states, a state where young families and businesses can stay and prosper, a state where our high school and college graduates can find jobs after they complete their education, and a state where our seniors and veterans can afford to comfortably retire.
Michael, like most of us, believes in holding the line on outrageous taxes and reducing runaway spending at the state level.
We are fortunate to have talented and dedicated people like Michael who are willing to stand up as a consistent voice for us. He has my full support in this election.
Ray Kirmaier