Resident expects Casey to go ‘extra mile’

To the Editor:
About a year ago, I had a difficult legal matter I needed help with. I was lucky to have Michael Casey handle it as my attorney and more importantly, as my friend. It was a very stressful experience and Michael guided me through it with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

So when I heard he was running for state Representative, I naturally wanted to voice my support for his candidacy.
I called upon Michael, sometimes at late hours of the night, for advice and guidance. A few times, he was happy to go to court for me on short notice. Even though things were difficult, Michael was understanding and dedicated to helping me. He went the extra mile and made a difficult time easier for me.
Just like he went the extra mile for me, I can assuredly say he will go the extra mile for the people of Milford. He didn’t back down from a difficult and stressful situation and I know he won’t back down for the difficult situations he will be faced with in Hartford.
I have known Michael since college, and just as I was lucky to have him act as my attorney, I know the people of Milford will be lucky to have him as their state Representative.
Scott Reed