Resident calls for others to help fight housing application

To the Editor:
Considering the problems that residents of several areas of Milford are having with aggressive developers who are misusing the Affordable Housing Act, 8-30g, to their monetary advantage, by pressuring Milford’s Planning and Zoning Board to approve their applications whether it is good for Milford and its residents or not, it is important that all of the residents of Milford sit up and take notice of what’s really going on because it can also happen to them.
Building has already been approved for development on Meadowside Road, Gulf Street and Pond Point Avenue, with North Street still pending. Wheelers Farms Road is the next target and August 4 is the vote for approval.
As taxpayers of this city, we demand that our elected Planning and Zoning Board stand up for us and deny this development. We, the residents of Milford, elect them, not the developers, and we do not want to hear that some state law ties their hands.
For months, residents of the area have been attending meetings, presenting facts, voicing their fears and concerns, all the while collecting 1,500 signatures to oppose development and deny the building of 180 apartments on Wheelers Farms Road, of which only 54 are to be considered affordable housing. With no support from the city to present the residents’ opposition to the developer’s plans, the residents are calling out to the people of Milford for their concern and, more importantly, their support.   
Among all the points of contention that have been presented, 10 top reasons to deny the project are as follows: 4.5  years of documented delinquent taxes exceeding $300,000; over-development — 10 three-story buildings with 354-plus parking spaces on 11 acres; lack of emergency access with only one main paved road; dangerous roads and traffic (two documented accidents a week for the past three years); wetlands contamination and street flooding from storm water run-off; blasting causing damage to wells and foundations; health risk from high-tension wires; threatened species and vanishing wildlife; documented Native American artifacts found on this historic site; toxic soil contamination from previous use.
Before Aug. 4, we are asking the people of Milford to support the 1,500 Milford residents that oppose this project by calling Mayor Ben Blake at 203-783-3201, and urging him to fight for his constituents and deny this development and to find alternative means to put an end to the flagrant misuse of the Affordable Housing Act, 8-30g, in Milford.
Jane King
Editor's Note: According to the Milford tax office, Wheelers Woods owes $308,000 in delinquent taxes on the property.