Resident backs Murphy over McMahon

To the Editor:
The story of David and Goliath is being played right now in Connecticut politics for the race of U.S. Senator from Connecticut. Guess who is David and who is Goliath?

Our modern Goliath, Linda McMahon differs greatly from the original Goliath who fought fair and square on an open battlefield. Linda fights like a bully behind a barrage of negative, deceptive and misleading ads overwhelming her opponent, Chris Murphy, the modern David.
If Linda is correct, then Chris Murphy in having so many faults and shortcomings, his dog surely must bite him and send him to the dog house.
But what do we know about our Goliath, Linda? She hired a public relations firm for an image makeover, going from the tough CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. to a sweet grandmotherly type who bakes cookies and donates to charities. But you can't hide what you are.
Where does Linda stand on issues? Has she ever debated Chris Murphy or even Chris Shays, been interviewed by editorial boards of Connecticut newspapers? What qualifies Linda for the U.S. Senate? Being CEO of WWE? Sorry, not nearly enough.
Chris Murphy is a family man who has committed himself to a life of public service whose many votes are known. Some you may like, some you may not like, but this is normal.
Chris Murphy has a record. With Linda, there is no record, no statements or policies as to how she will vote, only platitudes. In today’s Senate, this race is especially critical since Senator McConnell, vowing to make President Obama fail does not need another ally.
John Scalici