Resident backs Kim Rose for City Clerk

To the Editor:

I am a registered Republican who votes not by party affiliation but by qualifications, ethics, results and availability to their constituents.  

For City Clerk in Milford, I am voting for Kim Rose. She fits all of those qualifications.

As City Clerk, Kim would be available to Milford residents all day, every day — she will hit the ground running to bring that office up to date and make it the most efficient and consumer friendly office in the state.

Kim understands that people can get caught up in the red tape of government, and she knows how to navigate the system to help her constituents.

She will use her skills to streamline procedures, making the office readily accessible to not only those who come in during regular business hours but also to those who prefer to do things online and beyond the 9-5 hours. Kim is all about community outreach and through the use of various online platforms she will have the ability to engage and interact with more residents and customers. Kim has established and proven her commitment to Milford, she is not a 9 to 5 person, and she has the skills, leadership and municipal experience to make it actually happen.  I encourage you to join me in voting for Kim Rose on Nov. 7.

Dotti Bateman