Reader yearns for spring turnaround

To The Editor:

It seems the time is right for someone to say "I can't wait for Spring. I'm sick of the big gray.” And so, I've said it. I think many of my fellow citizens would probably agree.

During the winter months there is a relentless temptation to fall into malaise if not depression itself. I have dwelled in this barren desert, in this land of Nod. When we look around we perceive lifeless stagnation, stalled if not canceled intentions, inaction and a lot of waiting.

And yet, if we look beneath the blinding white of snow and ice, upon further inspection we realize that while nature sleeps a myriad of life keeps vigil waiting for the anticipated warmth of the penetrating sun which will bring them forth in an explosion of color, scent and beauty

In all reality there is in fact more than meets the eye. In this seemingly bleak season there is a natural preparation for the continuum of life. This frigid season is a season of hope. Tomorrow is around the corner; although we still may have to shovel the corner a few more times in this vast natural equation life germinates in tiny seeds buried within the soil.

Take heart neighbor in this season of dormancy and death. We remain steadfast placing our hope on one simple fact: "…Unless the grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies it remains just a single grain. But if it dies it produces much fruit.” We need the optics of a new perspective, one of hope celebrating a culture of life.

Gray is only a state of mind.

Vincent A. Lattanzi