Reader wants bold action on global warming concerns

Letter to the Editor:
Our presidential race has just ended with results most of us are pleased about. However, absent from the campaign was the issue of global warming. This life or death subject as an issue had been supported by the American public, but support has been waning over the years, mostly by opposition from those in authority who don’t believe such a problem exists.
Although not conclusive, but observe the weather in recent years: More frequent and deadlier hurricanes, earth’s temperature warming, floods more frequent, worldwide erratic weather patterns, extremely mild winters, hot summers to name a few. These are signs that cannot be ignored.
Many believe human activity is not responsible for global warming and often say, “if humans are responsible, then let the other nations such as China, India, and the major polluters carry the load, not the U.S.; it’s bad for business.”
But we are the world’s leader in everything and must show the way by example if we are ever to solve this complex issue.
I am not a scientist but respect those who diligently study this life and death issue. Their facts like any other scientific evidence can’t ever be “fully “conclusive,” that is the nature of science, but it is solid enough to acknowledge this problem is real.
In the past, rejections abounded due to “inconclusive evidence.” Just think, when the Wright Brothers built the first plane, it didn’t fly very high or far. At the time some could say: “The science of flight is inconclusive since no one understands flight and this plane didn’t go very high or very far.”  Look what happened when the world believed in it.
We must once again reintroduce the global warming issue into our political dialogue and have it seriously debated by politicians so effective policies can result. This issue cannot be ignored and certainly not by narrow minded public officials who dismiss this issue as untrue because information is inconclusive.
Environmental issues today are of major importance if we are going to survive on this planet and with an ever growing world population, we really have survival problems. Contact your elected officials to once again tackle this no longer invisible but quietly ever growing deadly problem.
John Scalici