Reader upset with Pam Staneski

To the Editor:
I am writing today to discuss the upcoming election for the 119th Assembly District. Over the last several weeks, Pamela Staneski has been running on her record of "experience," claiming that her time in office has qualified her to represent us in Hartford.

But Milford and Orange voters have a right to know exactly what experience she has. I've done some research, and the truth behind her campaign's claims is extremely disappointing.
In short, Ms. Staneski’s single term on the Board of Aldermen was a fiscal nightmare. In only two years, Ms. Staneski approved eleven million dollars in extra spending and voted eighteen times for higher taxes.
And yet, even with all these extra funds, she couldn't find it in her heart to save Simon Lake School. It is hard to reconcile her campaign ads with her true record.
It is upsetting that she now portrays herself as a supporter of education and fiscal responsibility.
Unfortunately, her record just doesn’t support these claims.
The sad truth is that Ms. Staneski is just another politician who is willing to say anything to get elected. Justin M. Rosen