Reader trusts that Gaynor is the man for state Senate

To the Editor:

I am pleased to support Matt Gaynor for State Senate for the 118th district.  Matt is committed to make Connecticut a better place to live for all of the state's residents. While only in his 20's, Matt possesses knowledge, compassion, reason, honesty and experience beyond his years.

He is well versed on the issues that are effecting our state and he is committed to bringing solutions to Hartford to make Connecticut a great place to live again. He is determined to make Connecticut business friendly by lowering the tax burden on businesses and families.

He is committed to help manufacturing thrive again in this state by lowering the cost of doing business here. Matt understands the need for government to live within its means and will work tirelessly to eliminate unproductive spending.

Matt is a trustworthy, reliable individual who will bring a youthful perspective to Connecticut politics. He is a natural leader who will proudly represent our district in Hartford. I whole-heartedly support Matt Gaynor for State Senate in the 118th district.

Jonathan Shea