Reader supports Israel in time of need

To The Editor:
After having once again observed yet another anniversary of the tragedies of 9/11 and the perishing of so many innocent good people, the words "never again" ring of memory and resolve. Americans have tasted the bitterness of such a day.

It is the same bitterness and the same resolve our country's major ally Israel has felt since the days of the Shoah, the tragedy of the Holocaust. Can we begin to imagine that loss? Can we ponder the countless innocent souls?
The words come back and echo once again the haunting cry, "never again". At present, once again the nation of Israel is surrounded by a raging sea of hate. She looks to America and extends her hand seeking solidarity. She waits. We both have tasted the same brine of tears.
We remember the ashes of the Holocaust and the ashes of 9/11. Has it taught us as Americans the lessons of the Shoah and the pain of 9/11? Do we in faith grasp her by the hand? I hope so, because she is us and we are her. The children wait.
Vincent A. Lattanzi