Reader supports Gaynor for state Senate

To the Editor:

I don't understand why state Senator Gayle Slossberg missed the September 23 debate sponsored by the Plymouth Men's Club, where candidates traditionally give voters the opportunity to evaluate both their accomplishments and legislative plans.

Matt Gaynor, the Republican candidate for the 14th state Senate seat, participated; however, Senator Slossberg didn't show. Why?

From what I saw, Matt Gaynor is a most worthy candidate. He offered five initiatives he plans to tackle immediately upon taking office, an impressive accomplishment in itself considering the vague orbit in which most candidates travel these days.

This isn't the first time Ms. Slossberg has disrespected both the Plymouth Men's Club and her constituents by failing to attend the annual debate. Yet this is not what troubles me the most.  What I wonder is whether her pattern of dismissing young people, ignoring fresh ideas and, indeed, refusing to deal with people in the opposing political party extends also to Senator Slossberg's legislative agenda.

Connecticut needs collaboration now, more than ever. After what I've learned about Matt Gaynor, he has my vote to serve in the 14th Senate District.

Renee Casey