Reader supports DeGrego for office

To the Editor:
I have had the pleasure to the make the acquaintance of Mike DeGrego long before his decision to run for our district’s senate seat. During this time I’ve experienced him to be a man of integrity, honor and compassion. His varied and distinct background of service shows the true depth of his commitment to helping others, enhancing and protecting our communities and bringing honesty to politics.

For myself as a resident of Milford and an owner of a two year plus small business, I find the cost of operating in our fair state a difficulty almost too much to bear. Mike’s message is loud and clear in supporting the everyday hardworking individual.
Although I am a long-time registered Democrat, I am fully supporting Mike in this endeavor and will be voting for him in this upcoming election.
His ideology brings a fresh, honest voice to what has become the din of back room politics.
Mark S. Liberman