Reader suggests way for city to meet affordable housing quota

To the Editor:

Every time you pick up the paper or watch the local cable channel there is always a story on some home builder coming into Milford and superseding our zoning laws by using the Connecticut affordable housing statute.

Now the way I understand it, the only way to stop this in Milford is by having so many affordable units in Milford as a % of the overall units available in the city. So the reason this never goes away is because the builders use the lowest number of affordable units that are required when they build a mega apartment complex. So they build a 50-unit apartment complex and make six units affordable housing units. They are not stupid and understand that by doing this they keep the gravy train rolling. If they made all the units affordable they would hit the quota of affordable housing for the city and then they could no longer supersede our zoning laws.

So I was thinking how towns like Greenwich or other affluent towns get around this situation. My best guess is that they are out-thinking the builders and I know Greenwich has several affordable housing complexes. So they are probably meeting their needed % since the entire complexes are full of affordable units.

So my question is why shouldn't Milford do the same. Use our open space funds or some other taxpayer dollars and either purchase an existing apartment complex and turn it all into affordable housing. Or do what the builders do and buy up some property and get it zoned for affordable housing. Then put up a 100-unit complex of all affordable housing. That 100-unit complex would no doubt put us over the affordable housing needed % and save the residents of Milford from the overbuilding that is starting to ruin our city.

Paul Perry