Reader says pirate booty ‘greed’ ruins Captain Kidd event

To the Editor:
Last Saturday was the annual invasion of Captain Kidd to Milford Harbor. An event myself, wife and son have enjoyed since it’s first year, and we have never missed it. This year was no exception, but knowing the event ran from noon to 5:00 p.m., we arrived at 2:00 p.m., eager to start our treasure hunt, our six-year old ready to get treasure and have a fun afternoon and enjoy the event as we always have.

All we needed was a treasure map to get started. We went to the participating businesses to try to get a map. None of them had one. When asked where to find one, we were directed to Milford Landing. All we found was a classic car show with a pathetic showing of maybe a half dozen cars, and no one to tell us where to find a map.
We finally made our way to the Green at the Downtown Milford Business Association booth, the sponsor of the event.
Again, I asked for a map, and they had none. We gave up and went home.
While on our search for this elusive map, my wife noticed people were in possession of a stack of maps. Six maps with only two kids. And we spotted other families doing the same. Why? Well, each completed map gets you a chance for gift certificates at participating businesses.
This is an event I have considered from its inception to be about the kids having a good time. For the first time, thanks to the greediness and selfishness of the parents taking as many maps as they could, I had to tell my son we could not do the treasure hunt this year. A couple businesses took pity and gave him some booty despite not having a map, but the fun of the hunt was deprived us.
So, if the winner grabbed a handful of maps, I offer my congratulations. Enjoy your free appetizer, or mani-pedi. My wife and I just wanted to continue a tradition of a fun treasure hunt to enjoy with our son. And he was deprived of that. We just needed one map.
Thank you, very much.
Thomas J. Williams