Reader says Rose has helped protect environment

To the Editor:

If we are to be safe in our own backyard, our environment and specifically our beaches and waterways have to be protected. Representative Kim Rose has been at the forefront of these efforts to protect the environment and that's a major reason why we need to vote for her on Nov. 4 .

Representative Rose championed new legislation that establishes Connecticut's first safe disposal program for unused and unwanted pharmaceutical drugs. The law requires police departments throughout the state to install and administer secure lock-boxes for the collection and disposal of unused and unwanted prescription drugs. Now, residents in Connecticut will be able to safely and anonymously dispose of their unwanted medication, instead of flushing them down the drain and ultimately contaminating local waterways and our Long Island Sound.

The new law could become a model for other states, especially here in New England and the rest of the Northeast.

Because prescription drug abuse has been increasing, we need to make sure that people have ways to properly dispose of medications and keep them out of the hands of people to whom it was not prescribed.

I hope you'll join with me and vote to re-elect Representative Rose on Election Day.

John Powers