Reader recalls deadly car accident five years ago

To the Editor:

It is the middle of the night, but I was awoken by the Holy Spirit. I had to get up out of bed and write these important thoughts as they come flooding in to me so they could go out and reach all of you.

First of all, I do want to commend Chief Mello for his notable career, even earning the Distinguished Chief’s Award in May 2009. Unfortunately it seems, some of the members of the department aren’t/weren't interested in emulating Chief Mello in order to earn their own accolades.

Just a month after winning that award, and over 5 years now on June 13, 2009, David Servin and Ashlie Krakowski, both 19 year old Orange residents, were killed by the irresponsible and out of control actions of two Milford police officers.

As David’s godmother, I want to make sure their deaths were not in vain and that the Milford cops, in particular, have learned vital lessons from this incredibly unspeakable tragedy.

For all you officers that are out on the beat everyday, your efforts in protecting citizens are well-appreciated. However, there is no place for arrogance, over confidence, inflated pride and a sense of immortality in our lives – ever.

Those two Milford officers who, as I see it, were drag racing down the Boston Post Road at 2 in the morning showed a clear lack of good judgment, wisdom, and prudence demonstrating instead sheer recklessness and complete immaturity.

I would hope that the officer, who did not slam into David and Ashlie killing them both essentially instantly, has become ever so close to God.

If he ever doubted in or disbelieved in God, I am guessing for the past 5 years he thanks God everyday, all day, that he basically got off scot-free. And he should also be thanking his Guardian Angel as well.

Additionally, that cop should be thanking God everyday that although I have been diligently searching on the web, his name is nowhere to be found for his involvement in these senseless deaths. He is one plum lucky guy.

As for Jason Anderson, the officer who actually rammed into David and Ashlie, my understanding is that he was fired and has not served his time in jail. Look, I know and I imagine we all know, that if or when he goes to jail, the inmates will mete out what they consider to be their own form of justice.

If I were he, I would dread the thought of serving time myself. I think I would prefer solitary confinement if I were in his shoes. However, it is time to put this convicted felon in jail.

As I have been living out of the USA for the past 5 years, moving right after the accident, I haven’t heard anymore atrocities about the Milford police. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

And, by the way, anything that Hugh Keefe said to smear the character of my deceased godson, is pathetic and undeserved slander.

Thank you for listening. May God bless us all,

Mary McNally