Reader questions anti-worker bias

To the Editor:
“No more free lunches.”
When I hear or see the printed phrase “no more free lunches” I become pretty irritated. When it refers to state or municipal employees or any unionized worker my irritation escalates. Especially if it emanates from someone who should know better.

In this very difficult economy, wages and benefits will be negotiated and renegotiated. And all of us have to make compromises we would rather not. I emphasize all of us.
In better economic times past, we were all beneficiaries. Rightfully, wages and benefits were favorably negotiated and reflected the times. It's what we do in a democracy. Everyone shared in a well managed society. This would be the proper time to think about how the worst recession since President Roosevelt took office has been imposed on us.
To suggest or imply that union benefits are the root of this disastrous economy is not only unfair but not realistically addressing the problem.
Workers did not receive charity or a free lunch, they bargained in bonafide negotiations with management and, I expect, in good faith on both sides.
It is happening again now and will work infinitely better without sideline innuendoes and suggestions that workers are somehow not important valuable members of society.
Claire Phelan