Reader offers justification for political anger

To the Editor:
The Presidential campaign is contentious. Letters to the editor (from both Republicans and Democrats) often carry anger and vitriol. What are the real differences between Republicans and Democrats and why is there so much anger and hatred? I believe it’s because we have different beliefs and therefore have different values.

Many Republicans, especially the Tea-Party members, believe in the specific principles illuminated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They believe life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, (protection of personal property) are bestowed by the creator (natural law). They believe in equal treatment not the guarantee of equal outcomes.
They believe individuals can help each other without the government intervening. St Vincent’s Swim Across the Sound and thousands upon thousands of other charities across the nation are examples of individuals successfully helping each other without government intervention.
They believe our Government should protect us from physical harm, build and maintain critical infrastructure, and enforce the laws but not bestow new so-called “rights.” They believe that adherence to the principles of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, free-market capitalism, individual personal responsibility and hard work have made us the most successful country in history.
They believe that bigger government, which has infringed on individual liberties for the past 100 years, has created an entitlement society and is a major cause of social and economic problems today.
Many Democrats (especially this administration) believe government must play an even bigger role. They believe the Constitution is outdated and that it stands in the way of the bestowing of rights that are supposedly missing. Obamacare, for example, is consistent with the belief that healthcare is a “right” that must be bestowed by government because it is not in the Constitution.
They believe the world is unfair but it can be made fair by the government. They believe what is best for the whole of society is more important than what is best for individuals. They bestow rights such as free women’s healthcare at the expense of a Catholic organization’s right to practice religious freedom. They believe in bestowing equal outcomes not just equal treatment.
They believe that those who are successful must have done something dishonest to accumulate their success. They believe the successful must therefore pay their “fair share” when many pay 40-50% already. They believe capitalism is fundamentally unfair.
But, life is not fair and history has shown that any attempt by a government to do so has failed miserably. It’s happening to the U.S; we have a $16 trillion debt and more than $70 trillion in unfunded liabilities trying to make life fair. This path is unsustainable and will lead to disaster, just like what is happening now in Greece and other European countries.
Take away the labels and just ask yourself what you believe; individual self-reliance within a framework of basic rights or even bigger government fostering unsustainable debts. There are serious consequences that will come from the answer to this question.
Wally Hauck