Reader not pleased with Affordable Care Act

To the Editor:

For those of you who supported the passing of Obama-Care- Affordable Care Act is an oxymoron- you can now see a vision of the future. Look at the Veteran’s Administration.

In 2013 they were criticized for the delays in the processing of benefits on disability claims for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans were waiting on average 429 days for processing. This year it was reported by CNN that dozens of veterans have died waiting to see doctors.

Why is this happening to our heroes? Although our veterans deserve the very best care and our sincere appreciation for their service they are being treated like third class citizens. If this type of treatment is happening to them it will surely happen to many of us who rely on government funded health care.

In free market capitalism a company is accountable to its customers. If the customers are unhappy they can go elsewhere because there are competitive choices. There are serious consequences when companies lose their reputation in the market.

Where are the consequences when the government makes a mistake? Ask the families of those dead heroes in Benghazi. Ask the families of the dead veterans who waited for doctors and treatment. Wait and see if anyone is held accountable, but don’t hold your breath because when you pass out, if you have Obama-Care, they may leave you laying there.

Wally Hauck