Reader makes point about Obama speech

To the Editor:

I want to congratulate the President on his "State of the Illusion" speech the other night. For those who missed it because they voted for the President but they were too busy watching The X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, or Two and a Half Men here is a quick summary.

First, we need to spend more. We don't need to cut spending because we only owe about $330,000 in debt and unfunded liabilities for every man, woman and child in the country and our kids will have to pay for it anyway.

Our national credit rating has already been lowered and will probably be lowered again. Gas prices have doubled, real individual family income has dropped 5% and our economy shrank by 1% last quarter, but we must keep spending.

Second, it used to be Bush's fault that we have economic trouble, but now it is the entire Republican Party's fault. Oh, and don't forget the rich people and the evil business owners who are refusing to spend money and refusing to hire people.  It's not the increases in taxes, the uncertainty caused by poor leadership or the thousands of pages of regulations that is holding back the hiring.

Third, if we pass a law that makes it harder for law abiding citizens to get a gun, it will prevent gun violence by the mentally ill and criminals.

I am going to stop. I feel my IQ dropping. Let me go back to Two and a Half Men.

Wally Hauck