Reader makes case for 30-round magazine

To the Editor:

On July 22, 2007, two violent criminals who were out on parole invaded the home of the Petits in Cheshire. Dr. Petit was beaten and subdued at the point of a BB gun while his wife and two daughters were locked in their respective rooms.

Not satisfied with the loot found in the house, one of the home invaders took Mrs. Petit to the bank to make a withdrawal. At the bank, Mrs. Petit pleaded with a bank teller to call 911 to report a home invasion in progress and that Mrs. Petit was being taken away by one of the home invaders.

911 response time records show that the Cheshire police took 30 minutes to set up a vehicle perimeter outside the home.

After returning to the Petit's home, and while the Cheshire police were mobilizing, the home invaders raped the 11 year old daughter, raped and killed the mother, doused the bound girls bodies with gas, set the house on fire and fled the scene. The cops caught the fleeing home invaders while the girls burned to death.

In April 2012, Governor Malloy and his Democrats repealed the death penalty even though the strongest opponent was Dr William Petit.

Now in response to Sandy Hook, Governor Malloy and his Democrats are about to outlaw gun ownership through punitive regulation to repeal the Second Amendment. The Democrat agenda is not about making Connecticut safer, but rather making citizens more fearful and dependent on government.

Too bad Dr. Petit didn't have a semi automatic weapon at hand on the night of the home invasion. His wife and girls would likely be alive today and the degenerate scum who murdered them would likely be dead. That's why you need a 30 round magazine.

Paul Izzo