Reader likes Spalthoff’s approach

To the Editor:

Governor Malloy and Ben Blake have a great deal in common. Both appear narcissistic by the way they believe it was they whom got us through difficult times. Malloy takes credit for getting Connecticut through the recent recession. All while glossing over the fact that we got through it in spite of his burdening tax increases. Similarly, Ben Blake takes credit for getting Milford through the difficult times caused by a string of storms.

Blake glosses over the hard work of our first responders; of our citizens who banded together to help their neighbors in cleaning up.

Blake will undoubtedly double-talk that he placed ‘the right people, in the right jobs’. But that too shows his own narcissism of ‘me, me, ME’. It appears Blake puts too much stock in himself.

It is clear Blake takes a great amount of credit for seeing Milford through these storms. However, the cleanups were extremely slow and full of red tape. The permit process was difficult. Blake dragged his feet to streamline the building process; he waited right before the election so to gain political points.

What is refreshing about Peter Spalthoff’s approach is his focus on the people who live here.

Spalthoff is a Vietnam veteran and former police officer who understands sacrifices of our first responders. Peter’s experience in such leadership roles as the treasurer of the YMCA, the Economic Development Commission and United Way give him an understanding that it takes the cooperation of the many to accomplish great things.

Erik Smith